Rockville RW10CA Review – Best Low Profile Active Powered Subwoofer

Welcome to our complete Rockville RW10CA review one of the best Active Low-Profile subwoofers that you can get for your car. The product which we are going to talk about is none other than the Rockville RW10CA. This active sub comes with its own built-in amplifier for an amazing sound performance. 

Let’s take a closer look at the best features that Rockville RW10CA has to offer. 

Rockville RW10CA Overview

Before we kick things into gear, let’s talk a little bit about the difference between an active and a passive subwoofer. 

The primary distinction between an active and a passive subwoofer is the availability of the power source like the amplifier with the subwoofer. Active subwoofers come with a built-in Amplifier and the passive ones need an external amplifier. Now, which one of these should you choose?

We believe Active subwoofers to be a better choice for cars because these subs have compact designs and they can easily fit narrow spaces, depending on the subwoofer that you buy. This brings us to our review product which is…  

Rockville 10 Inch subwoofer RW10CA is an active subwoofer that comes with an amplifier. This subwoofer has a compact design and offers the best sound performance with the awesome surrounding effect. It is a 10′ subwoofer and comes enclosed in a compact casing. Like most Rockville subwoofer reviews products, installation of this subwoofer is also quite simple and easy.

Rockville RW10CA Review

In the rest of the Rockville powered subwoofer reviews, we’ll take about the best features, the design, performance, value for money, customer reviews as well as pros & cons of this product.      

Rockville RW10CA Review – Best Features

  • Dimensions: This product has 13.4 x 2.7 x 2.7 inches dimensions. It weighs just about 14.5 pounds so it would be quite easily portable. It features an easy to install design. The dimensions of the subwoofer make it easier to place it in tight spaces in your car.
  • Compact Size: This product is a slim amplified subwoofer that comes with a compact design. It is meant to be used in compact car spaces. If you need a subwoofer for small car spaces, then this is the product for you. 
  • Frequency Range: The frequency range that this subwoofer has is between 50Hz to about 500Hz. The bass settings of the subwoofer are also quite great. You can choose from any setting between 0 to 18 decibels. The controls of this subwoofer are quite simple to understand and operate. The complete details about the controls are given in the instruction Rockville RW10CA manual that comes with this subwoofer. If you are wondering whether Rockville Audio any good in terms of frequency, then rest assured. You won’t be disappointed by the performance of this subwoofer. 
  • Subsonic Filter: This subwoofer can handle as much as 800 watts of power without getting affected. The subsonic filter of this product is set to 29Hz for best performance. This product features a remarkable thermal protection circuit that prevents it from getting overheated. It is one of the most powerful Rockville subwoofers that you can find out there. 
  • Adjustable Input Sensitivity: This subwoofer is highly inputting sensitive and the sensitivity of the input can be adjusted as well. It features an input-sensitive auto turn on and off system which makes it stand out from most of the active subwoofer products that you’ll find out there.   
  • Durable Build Quality: The design of this product is great in terms of aesthetics as well as durability. It features a robust design made with protection technologies that offer greater protection to the subwoofer from accidental damages.   


Rockville RW10CA Review – Design

Most complete car audio systems have bulky designs that are difficult to install in the narrow car spaces. This is not the case with the Rockville 10 Subwoofer. 

This subwoofer features an intuitive design approach which makes this subwoofer easy to install. Although it is a 10 inch subwoofer, it is still easy to install, and with its compact design, you won’t need much space to install this subwoofer. 

This thin powered subwoofer will easily fit under the seat of your car. This will help you save a lot of car space as you won’t need to make separate spaces for placing the subwoofer.      

Rockville RW10CA Installation 

The installation process for this Rockville powered subwoofer is an easy as it can get. And since the amplifier already comes built-in, you won’t have to worry about getting an external amplifier and integrating it with your subwoofer. 

Best Rockville RW10CA Review

Once you place it under the seat of your car, you won’t have to remote wire it to a receiver. The device features high-level inputs sensitivity so it would automatically sense the presence of audio signals and would turn itself on. When the music signal goes down, the subwoofer would turn off automatically. This is how powerful this subwoofer product is. 

The installation of this subwoofer is fast, easy, and beginner-friendly. Even if you have never installed a subwoofer before, you can follow the instructions given in the manual and take care of the installation on your own. 

For installation, you just need to connect the wires for input to the speaker in your car’s audio system. The design approach for the subwoofer makes it easier for beginners to find and configure the inputs and outputs of the subwoofer. 

The bottom line is the installation for this subwoofer is simple and can be taken care of without needing any kind of professional assistance.         

Rockville RW10CA Performance

Considering the size of this subwoofer, it still delivers a powerful performance as compared with the products that come in the same price range. You can check out the power ratings of this product on Amazon. And as per the user reviews, these power ratings seem to be quite accurate. 

Rockville RW10CA Subwoofer can handle as much as 800Watts peak power and the RMS value of 200W. It comes with a PWM MOSFET power supply for even performance. This product is quite great at handling high temperatures, so you won’t give to worry about the subwoofer burning out or anything like that. 

Its powerful thermal circuit is another uniquely amazing this about this subwoofer. It comes with a short circuit protection mechanism which helps protect Rockville subs as well as your car in case a power anomaly happens. 

All these features combined with the awesome sound experience make this the best subwoofer choice for having a great music experience.     

Rockville RW10CA Customer Reviews  

Most of the user reviews about this product on Amazon are in its favor. Currently, this subwoofer has a 4.4/5 rating with over 2800 purchases worldwide. These numbers are exceptional for a subwoofer of this category. People are quite satisfied with the design as well as the performance of this subwoofer and are showing their support with their Rockville Car Audio Reviews. 

Rockville RW10CA has secured a lot of 5/5 ratings as well so when you look at the reviews on Amazon, this product seems like a reasonable choice.

Reviews about the build quality aside, although most of them also talk in the favor of this subwoofer, the sound quality of this subwoofer is undisputedly acknowledged. The surrounding sound experience as well as the awesome customizations for the sound that you get with this subwoofer make it a great choice for everyone. The sound of this subwoofer is clean and clear, and the bass experience is simply out of this world.           

Rockville Value for Money

The Rockville RW10CA 10 Inch subwoofer is currently priced at $129.95 on Amazon. You can also check out the 8 Inch variant which costs a little bit less. 

As for the value for money, we believe that his product is the best one that you can get in this price range. We are making this claim after carefully analyzing the features of this product and its user reviews. 

Although the price may off as a lot at first, considering its compact size, beautiful design, and awesome sound quality, the price is more than reasonable. This subwoofer would offer you the best value for money, for the price that it comes in.      

Pros & Cons of Rockville RW10CA

Let’s go over some of the pros and cons of RW10CA so you can make an even informed decision. 

  • Compact 10 Inch Subwoofer
  • 8 Inch variant is also available
  • Mesmerizing Sound Quality
  • Features Adjustable Input Sensitivity
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Low Profile Subwoofer which is easy to install
  • Easy Installation Process
  • 4.4/5 Rating on Amazon
  • Some users have complaints about overheating
  • Only Blue Color is Available

What do we like the Most About this Subwoofer?

We like the fact that it is quite affordable with the features that it has to offer. Most of the subwoofer products that have the same price range, won’t offer you the amazing and intelligent features which the Rockville RW01CA has, not even close. Of course, you can check out other subwoofer products if you want to, but in terms of price and features, you won’t find a better option anywhere else.  

Final Words

Rockville RW10CA Subwoofer offers a simpler and affordable way of enjoying the best music experience in your car. The subwoofer is easy to install, features a great design and the quality of sound is also quite amazing. You won’t get a better deal for a subwoofer in this price range. We highly recommend this subwoofer for compact car spaces.

So, Rockville Subwoofer any good? 

Absolutely! Make sure to check out RW10CA on Amazon and make sure to go through the customer reviews first, before making the purchase. 

Check out more powered car subwoofer reviews, under seat subwoofer reviews and so much more on our website. Stay Tuned with us for more Car Subwoofer Reviews and Buying Guides. 

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