Best Dual 12 inch Subwoofer Review 2021

Best Dual 12 inch Subwoofer

It is satisfying to get a subwoofer that fulfills all requirements. Subs which are mentioned here are all great and praiseworthy but one can select according to their budget. Reviews of these subs are done after detailed research. Details of each speaker are analyzed after unbiased and detailed research done by expert engineers and installers after consulting with real users and experienced reviewers.

If you want to get the best 12-inch sub subwoofers then you can read these reviews which are done in depth by us after analyzing details of all subwoofers. We had performed detailed research in the market to get knowledge of best selling speakers.

This research helped us find many subs with the best performances. This review is written after a great effort of analyzing top brands making subwoofers and then performing several tests on them and then incorporating comments from expert reviewers and team members.

Features to consider before buying a subwoofer:

Let’s discuss some stuff directly before we move to our contenders. A decent sub is as great as that of the sum of its parts. You need to take a few primary specs into account if you’d like to get the best unit. Before investing your hard-earned dollars, let’s discuss some of the main considerations that you can make.


 Yeah, it’s all about power in the world of woofers. The more the power, the better the woofer is. Well, you’ll have to take into account two specs when purchasing a sub to decide exactly how much power your potential device will be able to use.

Peak power: 

The total amount of power that your speaker can manage at any given moment is peak power. The moment is the main word here-you can get your woofer fried by putting all this power on a regular basis.

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RMS power: 

Basically, RMS power implies the capacity to cope with regular power, and in other terms, the amount of juice the sub can manage on an ongoing basis.


 Sensitivity is often defined as the second most important spec for subwoofers, and it generally describes the capacity of the sub to turn power into output. To produce a certain output as those with the lowest sensitivity, the model with the greater sensitivity needs much lower power. In decibels (dB), speaker sensitivity is defined, and yeah, your target is to set as much as you can.


Frequency is the specification that specifies how broad the range of sounds that your speakers can reproduce is. You should look for units that make it possible for you to play at the lowest frequencies you can imagine because we’re talking about subwoofers.

The top best woofers usually feature a frequency range between 20 and 30 Hz with the lower end clocking. Remember, however, that the quality you will ultimately get will rely on a variety of different factors, such as…

The enclosure type:

 The enclosures really have a significant effect on the quality of the output that we could spend maximum time talking about that matter. Still, let’s not even get into the details too much. The most important thing you have to understand is that it is possible to loosely divide enclosures into two main groups:

Enclosed enclosures. A tight package that provides the best and most reliable sound reproduction on the market. 

Ported enclosures, also regarded as bandpass enclosures, can create a much louder sound, even for the sake of consistency.

Woofer dimensions: 

The larger your subwoofer is, the stronger and better is the bass reproduction. Although the overall quality of production relies on a lot of things, you can’t deny the fact that things can only get better when they get more space to play with. Ok, if you’ve chosen to invest in a 12-inch woofer, you’ll be pleased to know that these measurements are at the top of the sub-food chain, just with the 15-inch woofer above them.

The smaller units can still generate an outstanding performance, but as you go down the dimension ladder, the chances only get slighter.


Impedance is the specification that defines the resistance level that will be brought into the system by the subwoofer. This number is strictly technical and influences the compatibility of the speaker above all.

The impedance of 4 Ohms is present in most of the subwoofers available on the market, even though 2-Ohm and 8-Ohm models are far from uncommon. It will be better to find a device that will enable you to toggle between different impedance settings if you have difficulty in deciding between any of these choices.

The number of voice coils:

The number of coils does not exactly influence the efficiency of the sound but does a lot of heavy lifting in terms of functionality and versatility. In other words, the dual-coil speakers could be used in series and parallel configurations, giving you much more independence when placing your car system together.  Single-coil woofers, sadly, do not have many configuration options.

Dual Illumination Bandpass BP1204

Dual’s BP1204 bandpass subwoofer shell shows a very good set of advantages, but only some minor disadvantages. We dare to say that it might even be one of the best dual 12-inch subwoofers on the market. In addition to producing excellent bass, Dual’s BP1204 bandpass woofer enclosure is also equipped with an “Illuminate” bulb system. Double BP1204, if you want to make your vehicle look as good as it sounds, then this is a proven method.

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The chassis also packs two 12-inch subwoofers with a total effective value of 600 watts. It doesn’t seem to be much, but in the final analysis, is powerful enough to satisfy most people’s desire for exhilarating bass. Of course, no product is perfect. Indeed you can find some drawbacks to it.

However, we found that the only disadvantage of this case is that its sensitivity level may be improved. In addition to this sensitivity or lack of sensitivity, this best 12-inch subwoofer for cars is the best thing you can buy that matches the audio quality in appearance.

  • It is illuminated and packed in an enclosure for simple and easy mounting
  • It is among one of the best subwoofers
  • Equipped with “Illuminati” bulb system
  • Comprises of Plexiglass windows
  • A set of two subwoofer speakers
  • It underpowered at 250 watts RMS
  • You can get a little too bass-heavy

CT Sounds Strato – Best Sub Overall

In short: CT Sounds Strato is the best 12-inch subwoofer on the market today. The powerful and sophisticated structure can not only shock your car but also can be used for many years.

It can handle an incredible 800 watts of RMS power and 1600 watts of peak power. This makes it the most powerful subwoofer on our list. Whether you are listening, speaking, singing, rock, country music, or classical music, this subwoofer can bring you a deep, rich sound.

With a double stitched paper cone, it can provide the smallest sound you can get from a subwoofer. It is made of durable plastic and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It can be installed in a sealed and perforated shell to provide the sound texture of your choice.

Moving dual voice coils with a 1-ohm impedance. If you are looking for the absolute best 12-inch subwoofer on the market today, then this is what you want. Powerful, reasonable structure, and subtle, it turns your sound system into a complete monster.

  • As powerful as they come and have a reasonable price
  • Sounds best, detailed and punchy, even though at the loud volumes
  • It provides controlled and nuanced sound
  • A bit expensive
  • Ensure the amp you are utilizing is able to power them

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure

Are you searching for an excellent pre-closed 12-inch subwoofer that can be powered by an external amplifier? If so, the MTX audio terminator series TNE212D is your required subwoofer.

The price of this monster is moderate, and it can provide considerable power and volume. This enclosed subwoofer is equipped with two subwoofers, both of which have 200 watts of RMS power. This allows them to accept 400 watts of RMS total power.

Their peak power is 1200 watts. Therefore, although this is not the most powerful subwoofer on our list, it is certainly not the weakest subwoofer.

The sound cone of each woofer is made of durable polypropylene to ensure long-term use. This best 12-inch subwoofer for cars has a sealed shell that provides a controlled, powerful, and detailed sound. Each woofer in this subwoofer contains a voice coil.

Considering the 200 RMS power of each woofer, this is what they need. By driving the amplifiers of these two woofers at the same time, you should be able to get a great sound. You certainly don’t want a larger quantity.

  • A set of two subs and enclosure
  • Available at a very reasonable price
  • Not best for the heavy commercial use
  • It has very low frequencies and does not respond well


Kicker 43CVR124 – Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer

If you are looking for a powerful dual voice coil 12-inch subwoofer at a reasonable price, then the Kicker 43CVR124 is what you want. Although it cannot provide the exact same sound quality as high-end woofers, its price is still worth the price.

The RMS power of this subwoofer is 400 watts and the peak power is 800 watts. In this way, it can handle all types of music, from rap, rock, classical music to jazz, and so on. It has dual voice coils and an impedance of 4 ohms. With a rigid polypropylene cone, it can provide a powerful sound with controllable sound.

It can be enclosed in sealed or perforated housing, depending on what kind of sound you want to get from it. It is made of durable plastic and can be used for a long time. Since its dual voice coil is made of anodized aluminum, it can withstand great shocks. The sensitivity of this subwoofer is approximately 87 dB.

Almost perfect sensitivity can become very loud without distortion. All in all, the Kicker 43CVR124 is an amazing subwoofer for those seeking to provide maximum power within their budget. It may become unusually loud and may provide a lot of low-end sounds. It may not be as subtle as a high-end subwoofer, but it’s all the same.

  • It can get very noisy
  • Amazingly powerful for its price
  • Very reasonable
  • Sounds clear and concise, even at high volumes
  • Not as powerful as high-end subwoofers
  • Not as nuanced as high-end subwoofers


Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch.

If you want the absolute best active subwoofer on the market today, the Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch is the best subwoofer for you. The price of this subwoofer may be higher than other subwoofers, but the price is worth it.

It can hold 300 watts of RMS power and is powered by a 300-watt built-in amplifier. This means it can be used immediately. Of course, this also means that it cannot be customized to synchronize with other amplifiers. It uses a sealed shell, with a deep and powerful low-end effect, no matter what type of music you listen to, the notes are kept separate and clear. It is made of tough and durable plastic, which can withstand great shocks and is durable.

It has a 12 dB low-pass crossover that allows you to adjust it to best match the bass specification of your choice. The Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch has an automatic on/off function. It is in fact a low-noise high-efficiency subwoofer, and will not interfere with audio quality. All in all, the Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch is the best performing 12-inch subwoofer on the market today. If you are looking for great high-quality sound, this is the woofer for you. Although a bit expensive, it has a 1-year warranty.

  • It possesses a built-in.
  • It has a 300-watt amp
  • It does come in a sealed enclosure for nuanced sound
  • Very simple to install and easy connection method
  • It has a 1-year warranty
  • A little expensive
  • Sound is not as quiet as the passive subwoofer has


How much space do you need for a dual 12 inch subwoofer to be installed?

Before you set out to buy car audio equipment, it is often a good way to create a list of specifications. Combined with a detailed buying guide, the shortlist of specifications allows you to find the right choice. As you strive to achieve a particular audio style and level, consider the room available for the installation of a sub in your vehicle.

If you have a lot of space, you have had more liberty over the sub to choose from. You can still enjoy improved bass output by installing shallow-mount 12-inch subs if you lack space.

In a truck box, can you run two 12 inch subs?

Usually, 12-inch subs require space for breathing. To work without heating up, each sub needs a minimum of 14 inches deep. Ensure each has a 4-inch throw. If you put them behind or under a car seat. A blow throw will work well if you are out of space in a truck so that you have sufficient box space.

For a dual 12-inch sub, how can you pick an amplifier?

To align your sub with the right amp, use an RMS power rating. Go with an amplifier that has an RMS power rating between 75 and 150 percent of your subwoofer’s RMS rating, which is the power your sub will take at the impedance selected.

Do you have to hire someone to get a dual 12 inch subwoofer installed?

If you have knowledge and experience in-car audio customization, you can manage the installation as long as you have the right equipment. Otherwise, hiring a specialist is the right option. You want to end up with a flawlessly built sub for your car audio system to perform at its best.

Are the 2 subs louder than 1?

It depends on how the subs coil manages the power and also on the mechanical aspects of the design. The 2 subs would likely be just a little louder (you’d need to have a meter to tell) because the single sub will be entering power compression and being less effective as you raise the power.


We agreed to provide you with our suggestions for the best 12-inch subwoofer. In view of all the factors, we strongly recommend Rockford Fosgate. Here are our reasons… Rockford Fosgate has a very robust design, which makes it best for loud sound and superior bass production. The sub heat dissipation is excellent, so you have zero concern that it may heat up or get a thermal breakdown.

It can endure high-power applications for longer than most fairly substantial subs. Its power handling of 300 watts of RMS is also very impressive. The other best factor about this dual 12 inch subwoofer is that it has a reasonable price when compared to other high-performing subs in the market.

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